Wall Climber Infrared Remote Control Car

Wall Climber Infrared Remote Control CarWall Climber Infrared Remote Control Car

Climbing walls is not only Spiderman skills, but this gravity remote controlled car can climb walls and ceilings also. It uses the new technology of vacuum to join any wall or ceiling.

When it's moving, blinking flashlights are fun to look at. This mini car moving infrared controlled, to the right, left, forward and backward. Shocking antics will impress your child.

Wall climber car is full function car that drives on the floor, walls, and even upside down. A fan on the board creates a vacuum between the vehicle and the surface, which allows the stick on the surface and against gravity.

Scale speed performance on any smooth surface. 3 different frequencies available (A, B, C channel) to compete with your friends. Super lightweight, high-tech structure, elegant appearance, safety for all children older than 8 years.

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