Skyla FS80 8" 800 x 600 Digital Photo Frame Built-in Scanner to Scan

Built-in Scanner to Scan

Skyla Memoir 8 'Digital Analysis built-in Photo Frame scanner(scan) to scan even 4x6 photos in high resolution, internal memory of 1 GB to store up to 3.000 photos, View up for 2 passes of slides(transparencies) of photos with clock and calendar in the sight quadrant, Enjoys the music while it sees photos slideshows.

Now is the time to dig your photos safely maintained in a shoe box or closet and turn them into digital images to the memory of Skyla 8 inch digital photo frame explore. Its use is very easy and fun all without a PC. Slide any photos printed up to 4 x 6 inches into the slot size and display. You can now take your photos from the last or the present and create a digital album to show her history.

He(She) believes a digital slideshow to share its history of the life.
Taking of the picture is to capture the moments of the life that are a crucial part of whom you are. Exhibit them to remember the past these special moments and it sets off with the family and the friends. Now with the memory of Skyla who explores the chapter of the photo of Digitalis, you can explore easily the photos printed to exhibit its history of the life and to caress these memoirs.

Auto adjust according to the optimum viewing.
The memory of Skyla 8 inches that explore Digital photo frame not only allows you to easily explore the photos printed in high-resolution digital photos, also automatically detects light conditions environment and adjusts your backlight therefore according to optimum picture display.


  • Creating digital Pictures slideshow
  • Scan up to 4 x 6-inch having a high resolution
  • 1GB of internal memory to store up to 3000 Pictures
  • Touch Pad to edit, file, and search for favorite pictures with the touch of a fingertip
  • In complete alarm clock and calendar
  • See photo slideshow or clock and calendar in quadrant view
  • There is music while viewing the Pictures slideshow
  • The ambient light sensor for automatic light adjustment

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