Bluetooth Headphones Parrot Zik Touch

Bluetooth Headphones Parrot Zik Touch
Parrot, along with the famous French designer Philippe Starck, have returned to collaborate to create Zik, headphones that combine advanced technology and elegant design.

Headphones Zik offer four active microphones - two internal and two external - for which this patented technology of a parrot of the best of its kind in the ANC. The Zik provides noise reduction of up to 98%, almost completely on external sound isolation.

Zik Parrot has a sensory panel for intuitive contact, located on the right earphone. When connecting via Bluetooth, you can slide only up and down to raise and lower the volume, or back and forth to jump tracks.

Bluetooth Headphones Parrot Zik TouchA main sensor inconspicuously detection is incorporated into the foam ear piece, allowing the Zik automatically detects when you use headphones and when removed, we will make a short stop and restart the music or the change of a call.

To reconstruct the true to life sound, the Zik offers a unique quality, called 'the effect of the Concert Hall of the Parrot'. This effect simulates the sound of a live concert, with music that seemed to come from directly in front of you, rather than on the sides, as well as with headset standards. This innovative acoustic sound provides a more natural way to enjoy music.

Listen to music or make calls crystal-clear with the Zik is wireless via Bluetooth. Select if manually from the device, through voice recognition, control calls and music through the headset, or Desc room touch panel Parrot audio, available for iPhone and Android smartphones. Bluetooth streaming is available with all compatible Bluetooth devices. The Parrot has also integrated NFC Zik, which allows you to pair are headphones, connect and play music from your compatible device with NFC with a simple touch with the Zik.

The Parrot Zik goes specifically to crystal-clear talks. Equipped with two directional microphones and a conductor of the jaw, the Zik capture the vibration of the mandible and fuses them with the sound of his voice for clearer calls. With the main detection sensor incorporated, if you receive a call while listening to music, you can delete just the headphones and your call will be automatically change to your smartphone.

The Parrot audio suite is a downloadable application for your smartphone, allowing you to control your music wirelessly. Use of parrot audio room, can adjust the audio settings to modify the custom sound or to simulate a virtual music scene to create the desired sound depth.

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