Best Books The Husband's Secret

The secret of her husband is so good, you will not be able to maintain itself.

In the heart of the secret husband is a letter that is not intended to be read

My dear Cecily, if you read this, then I am dead....

Imagine that her husband wrote a letter to be opened after his death. Imagine also that the letter contains your deepest, darkest something secret with the potential to destroy not only the life that has been built as a whole, but also the lives of others. Imagine, then, are you with this letter, while her husband is still alive....
Cecilia Fitzpatrick has done all this: it is a woman of very successful business, one of the pillars of his small community, and a wife and devoted mother. His life is so orderly and clean as your home. However, this letter is going to change everything, and not just for her and Rachel Tess Cecilia hardly knows well, they will also feel the impact of devastating secret from her husband.

Acclaimed author Liane Moriarty wrote a collision, the novel think is it really possible to meet our spouses, and ultimately ourselves.

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