Wireless Headphone 7.1 Surround Sound

Wireless Headphone 7.1 Surround Sound

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you hear up to seven discrete channels of audio data over the effects of low frequency (LFE) channel-known as 7.1 surround sound. The handset perceptually Dolby technology fields each channel at the correct location to play the contents of several channels that developers in the way they thought.

the Juego-grado radio: reliable delay-free performance with up to 40 feet. Wireless range (the range wireless real will vary with use, settings and environmental conditions).

Immersive 7.1 surround sound: Dolby advanced technology delivers detailed positional audio.

Three programmable G-llaves: Customize with one - touch customers talk of commands over, morphing of the voice and more. Noise cancel mic boom: reduces background noise and silent automobile when it is rotated up. Works with the PC Windows-based.

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