How to Use Google Translate without Internet Access

Google Translate

Many Internet users use Google Translate to translate the word or set of unknown significance. This application can be translated into 60 different languages ​​from around the world. Google Translate app can be used to open with Internet access via mobile, tablet or laptop, and of course it costs money to access the Internet.

But calm down, now you need not to worry anymore, because now this application without Internet access, offline aka be used. This application can be used 2.3 or higher for owners of Android devices version. Now you can translate with Google Translate offline Perkáta words, sentences, paragraphs, and can also translate your website or blog directly without load.

Here's how Google Translate without Internet access:

Download Google Translate app on Play Store here
When you are finished, press Open to open the application on your device
Now select the desired language
Tap to translate the word or phrase
Then you press Enter you appear the words directly translated

Good luck hopefully useful.

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