Speaker Power Full Philips DS7580 With Docking

Speaker Power Full Philips DS7580 With Docking

Powerful compact Philips DS7580 speaker audio base. Compatible with the iPhone 5 and iPods, discreet design speaker and rechargeable Li-ion battery is ideal for listening to music while traveling. With the built-in port of lightning, the DS7580 can load and play music from your iOS devices, or you can play music from other devices using the 3.5 mm audio input

The compact size is ideal for travel

President of the DS7580 spring offers a smooth design that slides easily into a backpack or a purse. If you are a football game on the beach or tailgating, rechargeable Li-ion battery speaker provides up to 8 hours of play to keep the tunes going throughout the day. A convenient carry bag is included to protect the speaker during the trip.

Speaker Power Full Philips DS7580 With Docking Innovative technology delivers powerful sound

With 10 Watts output, DS7580 speaker dock produces the powerful audio complemented with two cutting-edge technologies. The revolutionary design of the wOOx provides deep bass thanks to the special speakers, ensuring a smooth transition between the high and low frequencies to deliver potato crisp, detailed audio. In addition, dynamic circuit of low-altitude allows you to choose your preferred level of bass boost so that you can enjoy healthy and balanced, even at low volumes.

The game and the cargo through the port of ray

The DS7580 speaker is designed for use with the iPhone 5 and iPods. Connect your device simply by using the integrated beam connector to reproduce high-fidelity audio. The DS7580 also charging the device, it you don't have to worry about the battery performance.

The auxiliary input for versatile options

If a device that does not use the x-ray port is connected, the DS7580 includes 3.5 mm audio input so you can enjoy playback of high quality of external devices, such as players, computers or mobile phones music.

Compatibility information

DS7580 speaker base is compatible with the iPhone 5, the generation of the iPod nano's seventh, and touch the fifth-generation iPod.

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