Solar Cell Kit 40 Watt 12 Volt

Solar Cell Kit 40 Watt 12 Volt
Solar Cell Go RV, solar panel kits are the ideal solution for RVers, campers,  travellers, remote areas looking for a free source of energy.

Solar cell go RV solar panel kits are easy to install, operate completely on its own, and is rarely necessary to maintain throughout his life.

You can take your own RV solar kit, install it, and be up and running in a very short time, because all our RV solar kits include everything you need to start somewhere easy to install package.

Solar Cell VAN RV - 40 RV solar kit solar watt includes 1 pcs 40W solar panels of superior quality, 10 amp 12/24 of the Volt with the screen charge controller remote, flat systems kit 2 cables of the PV roof mounting, the cable through the gland and battery extension ring connectors.

Complete information click here Rv Solar Power Kit 40 Watt 12 Volt - Unlimited Solar - Go Rv - USP Series

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