Say Hi Problems Allah is Great

Say Hi Problems Allah is Great
Problems that were presented to us can be Allah EXAM, but could also be a penalty. We Dependent it. And depending on our sins. From now on, with the full faith of the heart, let us always think positively about the problem that came and went. Because the problem is the difficulty of representing such a privilege.

Let us take a closer look at some of the following signs universe. Kite can fly even higher when he dared ask to follow the movement of wind, not downwind direction. Tall trees thrive in fertilizers instead of perfume smell given. Eating feels good, even if it is hungry. It feels thirsty increasingly unbearable as a refreshing drink. Even the stars to see bright, bold, be if the stars appeared in the darkness of night.

Yes, if there is a problem then immediately remember Allah more deeply and do introspection, and think, "What have I lukakan so present this problem?" Forward thinking and visionary was very good, but in retrospect short flashback, Allah willing, you are on the gas, the car step in your life with more confidence.

As you drive, of course, need a rear view mirror before the action stunning breakthrough. But you are forbidden to always look in the mirror, because eventually there before must stop, he can not be there behind you. Yes, not too long ago looking at the past, forgive, and focus on the enjoyment of Allah today as he marched towards the next delights.

That is, the "rear view mirror", I mean, is your ability to act quickly when it comes introspection overwrite problem. Ask your inside, in the deepest heart in you, where it holds no God your heart.

Set your heart, ask Allah means. "Oh Allah, what does all this mean, what should I do, I submit that you are fully in order for ya Allah." In Doom / WARNING whoever you picked up immediately offer repentance, forgiveness, while the present when it was a real test exam then comes as a saving grace, because that is what gave birth to various test potentials and qualities that you perceive in the future .

Yes, sometimes we are still confused as to whether these difficulties are in the form of punishment / or EXAM WARNING / GRACE. However, if you are used to clean your little heart will then inform you if the problem / difficulty a Doom / WARNING or just a TEST / GRACE themselves.

But in principle on what the author has been experienced and observed, it turns out, if you get in trouble even before you are immoral, then it is usually a difficult WARNING / doom, and if one is in trouble packed or pursuing a desire / dream / do ', and you're also not for sinners, then Allah willing, there is a difficulty EXAM / GRACE.

The greater your desire, the more powerful the test. But often present difficulties as a mix between warning and testing, a mixture of destiny and grace. This could happen because when you chase a dream, but you were still doing immoral acts, especially in the pursuit of this dream, one almost forgets too ambitious so grateful almost forget to enjoy life "at this time" you , and has to think of pleasure "future" you are not sure. But underneath it all, rest assured that all difficulties and in-istighfarkan diikhlaskan, Allah willing, will be the birth of ease, giving filled with blessings.

Friend, remember that you do not need one in this introspective episode linger. This clearly does not need to blame someone when you do this introspection process. Please note that this is not an act of introspection identification. Introspection during identification is often and eventually led to the kesimnpulan that the problem exists because other people the error, and you only victims. And it is certainly the conclusion that harm. Not always feel a victim, whatever your problem.

Companions solution when the problem was present, are standard patterns that you should do. In fact, the problem is not a problem, but what is your position when the problem is present. The problem is a certainty, but your attitude in the face of the problem is a choice

Once you are successful introspection, then continue with step immediately incredibly Action Solutions. Know, then, that the solution of the problems you. Not on the problems that you have today But your solution is in Allah, the God of a will that He will help you if you want to help other servants of Allah.

That's why, from YOU solve any problems today, you re in the usual way. No need to expend energy to really focus your search for solutions to problems. In essence, because you have no way to solve your problems. Only Allah is able. Laa Haula walaa quwwata illaa billaah.

In the letter we sent COMPLETE NATURAL NASYRAH our affairs seriously. Well, you know, that our affairs?

Our affairs are not our personal problem, but our business is to solve the problems of the people around us. What's this? If you want permasalahanmu wrong then help settle or resolve the problems of the people around you. Note the following hadith.

Abdullah ibn Umar that the Messenger of Allah said: "A Muslim and others are brothers, not pursuing his own and do not let him suffer who meet the brother, Allah will fulfill his business and who facilitate the problems of others .. Allah will remove his difficulties in Qiyamah. And those who dishonor others, Allah cover up their shame is about the Qiyamah. "(distributed by muttafaq alaih also known as Bukhari, Muslim).

Actually, the problem was as a test of whether we are patient and grateful, or presented as a punishment for us to return, presented (repentance) and forgiveness (for mercy).

And then we were in the vicinity of his back, and focus on helping others, keeping the quality of prayer and other worship fervently, and put thy trust in Allah Almighty in full.

Solutions buddy, do not get because we have problems, we are actually was:

1 Not khusyu prayer

2 Did not want to help others, because they believe that "I was the one who should be helped."

3 Not only trust in Allah.

To help others then Allah will help us. Well, if the meaning of all this? Before that, let us imagine, if HUMAN around the world to focus on each problem, then what could happen good synergy. In fact, I was not to do so, because I remember good used or concentrate on my problem. Back when I want to give to charity to anyone, suddenly there was a whisper of the Spirit .. "Hi Zen, how come you do not know, a shame, you have it much debt, uh .. what love really not ashamed of Allah?" Astaghfirullah ....

Buddy solutions and gentlemen, let us take a lesson from these events that we do not neglect to do good, because we have on our problems, it is enough, this experience happened to me.

Well, that's the conclusion of these days, if you have problems, then in fact you are a "sign" from Allah that there are people around you who need your help will be given. Put a dish that the virtue, and was looking with your heart of hearts ... then taste .... then help them .... and then see what happens in your life, if you help to successfully solve their problems. No need to wonder if your problem is simply magical completed thoroughly, with the help of Allah SWT.

The problem is not a problem, but what is your stance, if the problem is present. Because apparently washilah various problems that you stay afloat and make godless. That's why you do not overdo your problems, as you increase forgot Allah, who gives sousi your problem.

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