Sadaqah Can Create Rich

Sadaqah Can Create Rich
Terms alms this direction, is a continuation of this article on Dole was rich. Please read the article Dole rich do if you could not read yet. How can I promised love rich article I want to share in terms of charity that can make you rich.A lot of people out there who think that we give alms willingly say, but not many people know what is genuinely in love. Sincere charity is actually very simple, but a lot of people who do the truthful way. Well, in terms of alms article I will explain what that even genuinely in love and charity, as that can make you rich.Okay, we only see the Terms and Conditions, which can create rich Dole below: 

1. The first I want to share that should ikhlas. Ikhlas here does not mean that you should not expect anything. With your love, you are everything you want, you should expect, for example, you want to be reimbursed charity because 700 times by Allah the Most High, because the food is love, love, because you want to be a entrepreneur. All this should. That should not be, but you expect something alms of people, for example, praise from others. It was not admitted. The point is that as long as its being Expect only the gods, there is no problem. 

2. Do you want to be sure because alms rich? Yes alms a lot - a lot, especially things you love. For example, a house, a car, motorcycle, money. If you are not sure, it's just love, while there is still remaining for your meal. God is mighty rich, had all the rich who owned a God when the gods take, they can certainly be desired. So if you ask rich, let God willing. 

3. In addition charity unnatural (aka a lot "), you still have to do what Allah swt commanded. Example 7 prayer time, reading the Quran and praying. Cui was Isha, Tahajud, Dawn, Duha, Zhuhur Asr Prayer Maksut 7 times, Maghrib., not only the obligatory prayers only thing to do, but the sunnah prayer and Duha juaga Tahajud should be done so that all your wishes granted quickly by Allah the Almighty. If you are not too many sins, certainly with the do it in 40 days, you can already fabulously wealthy. every time you hear a multitude of sins, there is no need to worry about the passage of continuous above, Insha Allah richer than you can, your sins will be forgiven by Allah swt. 

4. E 'shocked people who sedekahi. What is their purpose? Hehe his master media like this, if the charity is usually only 1000, 2000, or 5000 look, you have to be more than that. For example, RB 50, RB 100, or better still 1 million. so that the person you love feel surprised when you give alms automatically shake money from angels who record the deeds, you will be surprised. again - and are also available for purchase and pray about.Now, before you create the conditions that could ALMS Rich I gave above is just the core was - the basic course, there are still, in fact, that you should know that many, like the art of prayer, worship, Maih a good way and a lot more. If it is not clear from the above article, you can ask directly in the comments they have provided. That's all from me, thank you.

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