RC Helicopter Syma S107-G

RC Helicopter Syma S107-G
Three years have passed from the last time that I checked a Syma product. Today, the market of RC helicopters with low cost for that products that look similar in many sales less well known saturated brands, and most of them is not enough to say what I think, to judge them. Syma S107-G, although I've had the opportunity to take a free test flight when at least thought about buying it, and, literally, came out at the time in the air, I was sold completely. Most of the fly more later, however.

Externally, the S107-G has accentuated the style of a Heli Pro-sport of the degree of high scale with an elegant fuselage and main frame. The frame (frame and casing) in reality made of metal, that everything is going to be more consistent, plastic parts and mobile flexible mounted as the height of the tail, a very elegant update makes more safely with less vibration. Share the main rotors of a very rigid plastic reinforced with fibers, and freely way, for truth in that form a little in case of accident.

As with most of the planes of the low cost, the micro companies, Syma S107-G can be loaded directly controller through a connector that is stored away in a discreet compartment. The only thing that is less than ideal for this provision in no way control helicopter battery charge drains quickly. The S107-G has a solution for this. Provides a USB adapter with a built-in battery court circuit, so you can upload your helicopter from any computer oaf a USB hub is possible at any time. Thus, the above Association of auto 6 batteries much longer than the normal thing reduces operating costs and increases the convenience of being able to control.

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