Mini Pico Projector Makes Cinema Itself With VGA Port

Mini Pico Projector Makes Cinema Itself With VGA Port
In less than 5.6 ' long, 2.7 m wide, and 1.2' height P4-X is a true pocket and entertainment machine. The P4-X offers a built-in battery lithium ion able to trigger the projector in 75 minutes on a single charge. Additional features include mini HDMI, USB, card slot micro SD on going, the entrance of composite video, VGA input, and a built-in 1 Watt speaker.
The AAXA P4-X pico projector
AAXA P4-X Pico Projector

Long Lasting Battery

Lithium ion battery of P4-X provides over 75 minutes of operation. And lasting rechargeable lithium battery inside the device makes P4-X truly portable.

Truly mobile

Less than 5.6" long, 2.7" wide and 1.2 tall the P4-X is a true pocket projector and entertainment machine. P4-X has a lithium ion battery capable projector built for 75 minutes to work on a single charge.
Additional features include mini HDMI, Micro SD card slot, USB on-the-go, composite video input, VGA input and speaker 1 watt.

Extensive Connectivity

Aboard P4-X media player supports popular file formats, for movies, videos and photos with friends and family. With multiple inputs, including USB, VGA and HDMI video are easily to most digital devices.

Super Color and Image Quality

The AAXA P4-X produces a vivid display with amazing color saturation because Vibrant Color technology, DLP and triple LED light source.

Ideal for business On The Go

P4 Pico Projector-X eliminates the need for large bulky projector. You can easily carry our portable projector when traveling to each meeting. Do all hands in a conference room; just enter your projector lamp? Now you'll always have a copy with you ready to project in less than 20 seconds. Want to impress a client during a sales call event? Take your pico projector P4-X and show a presentation of the colors with the technology we have never seen before.


The projector offers AAXA P4 Pico-X advanced tools that can provide interactive curriculum for teachers and students. Projectors can help categories, including math, science, history and English - the possibilities are endless when it comes to learning together. The P4-X makes great addition to iPods, iPods and other media devices, as they are accepted another great teaching tool. With Pico Projector AAXA P4-X great teaching can be projected in a larger format.


Not enough TVs in the house? With the AAXA P4-X can play your favorite media files via USB and SD video and see everything connects. It connects to your favorite multimedia devices, including DVD, Blue-ray players and set-top boxes and game consoles. Video games, watching movies or watch your favorite clips directly from the family of the camera. With the media P4 X-share with friends and family has never been easier. With fast startup times to connect, play and enjoy.


Is there enough room in your suitcase? Weighs only 1 lb, just a little bigger than a Smartphone, the P4-X is ideal for frequent travelers. The P4-X is a wonderful source of entertainment in the hotel room, where you never know what kind of room you are interested. Maintain after hours and watch a movie with your pico projector after a long flight or day at work. Share photos and videos with family and friends on a large screen. The possibilities are endless.

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