How to Register Blog to Technorati

Technorati is one of the well known directories. Many of the bloggers that dominate how to position your blog in the blog here if not here listed will be better recognized by search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines.

How to place your blog on Technorati:
1 Visit the site
2. Select Assembly.
3. Then fill out the required data, click submit.
4. Then open the email and then check by clicking the email you get from technorati.

How Technorati  claim:
1. Connection to the technorati account.
2. Click on the name of the user (in the upper right corner.) and password

3. Fill, your profile update your account
4. Claim my choice of Blog or enter the URL of your blog and then click then the demand.
5. Details on the content of the menu of the data needed. The content of the example of the URL of the feed feed URL: (add the URL of your blog with the only / atom.xml)
6. Select the category and keywords that match the theme of your blog. Then click to the next step process.
7. When the display appears, select the turn profile.
8. Then select 9 demand
check. Then you will get a unique code. Make a post containing a unique code to verify the technorati your blog. Examples like this my post.

only the sample code: 7AJJTNJNFX4H
only the sample code: S3WNXY8EAJH7


10. Finally click checks the sign of demand.
11. Wait a few days until the technoriti of the team checks his blog.

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