Educational Robot OLLO Inventor Kit

Educational Robot OLLO Inventor Kit
The inventor of the OLLO kit combines kit popular robot of the OLLO scanner with the extension of the inventor that will double your enjoyment of the educational value and his son, and offers a total of 24 weeks in robotics programs.

The kit of the inventor also gives students additional components to explore and build with, providing additional motors, sensors and other components. The inventor of the OLLO complete kit includes a total of four motors, four sensors, IR, wireless remote control, and more than 650 components of the receiver robot building. It also includes the detailed work books of curriculum covering topics such as programming, learning, and the use of sensors, wireless communications and programs robot control.

  • More than 650 other components of building robots
  • Quick and easy adjustment the rugged model
  • Interesting detail with the project manual
  • The learn of the robotics has never been easier
  • Robotic future engineers who develop
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